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Deciding to include a new bathroom into you loft conversion project is an excellent idea for a variety of reasons.


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For starters it’s the most common reason why mum’s & dad’s move up into the loft as soon as the builders are gone; the prospect of a beautiful new en-suite leading onto a bright and spacious bedroom is just too tempting.

Of course if we look at it from a practical point of view it makes perfect sense to have the extra bathroom to service the extra bedrooms. One bathroom may serve three bedrooms but trying to service five occupied bedrooms will ultimately cause a few problems.


It might seem like a simple enough question as you are probably thinking simply about the costs of a bathroom suite and a few tiles but in fact by adding a bathroom to your loft conversion you are likely to increase costs significantly in other areas.

Its not just about running a few pipes up to the attic but imagine you install a bathroom and then find out that your existing hot water system can’t cope with giving you hot water in the loft without a 1,000 spend on extra plumbing and pumps.

LUXURY LOFT CONVERSION BATHROOMLets take an even worse scenario and say you have a combination boiler with no stored hot water serving your existing bathroom and kitchen. Now this type of set-up has no chance of providing hot water to your new bathroom without seriously impairing the function of the hot water system within the existing bathroom and kitchen.

It would probably take about 30 minutes to fill the bath and if you had a shower then it could be even worse because if anyone else in the house decides to open a tap somewhere - hot or cold - then your hot water delivery will be cut dead instantly leaving you there covered with soap and no hot water to rinse off. This kind of set-up is how it is in many homes where not enough attention was given to the heating and hot water set-up before doing a loft conversion.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not telling you to forget the bathroom in the loft, I’m telling you to have it if you can as it makes perfect sense but there are cost implication other than the basic cost of a bathroom suite.

A lot of loft conversions are done on the basic budget so its important to know right from the start that if you go for a bathroom in the loft then your most likely spend is based around:

Another point to bear in mind  is that with each new room you have additional walls, possibly an additional window, additional lighting, additional joinery, additional plastering, additional heating and so on.

Now I can’t give you any costs as they are entirely based around your taste and your existing set up. The main thing to be aware of is that by opting for a loft bathroom or loft en-suite bedroom then there are costs way beyond the initial bathroom suite.

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